Intermodal 2013


Welcome to Ruta Curaçao

Intermodal South America 2013

Transamerica Expo Center – SP- Brazil

April 2-4, 2013

Booth C- 360

Profile of Curacao

Curaçao is located just 40 miles off the South American coast. It is easy to travel from Brazil to Curaçao – or vice versa- within a couple of hours. There are direct flights to Brazil and more will be added soon. Curaçao underwent some important constitutional changes within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. One of the most visible changes is the dismantling of the entity of the Netherlands Antilles.

From the Minister of Economic Development of Curacao From the President of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce From the Chairman of the Foundation of the Logistical Sector of Curacao
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