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Curacao Airport Holding

Curaçao Airport Holding

Margareth Abraham Plaza z/n
Curaçao International Airport, Curaçao
Phone: +599-9-8881111
Fax: +599-9-8880101


Curacao Airport Holding oversees the contract with the airport operator and is responsible for the development of Airport City. An Airport City with countless possibilities to facilitate a wide variety of businesses to contribute to the economy of Curacao. Think of Curacao Airport as a hub, connecting the continents creating a safe gateway to and from Latin America based on European financial and legal standards to make your business attractive for your clients.

Curacao Airport Holding is now in the final phase of the Airport City master plan process, presenting here to you the endless possibilities. We invite you to explore the possible cooperation's and partnerships, find us at booth number C-64: Curaçao: Connecting Markets.

Camargo Correa is main shareholder of A-Port which owns 51% of the airport operator.

Simon Kloppenburg, Development manager of CAH, Long term policy, Masterplanning & Marketing of the Airport City concept at Curacao International Airport.


Simon Kloppenburg
Advisor Airport Development
Curaçao Airport Holding



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