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Axtor Group

Schouwburgweg 3, Gaito
Willemstad, Curaçao
Phones: (+5999) 736.8080 or 736.0808
Faxes:    (+5999) 736.9898 or 736.8989



Axtor Group Profile

The Curaçao office has been formed in the beginning of 2003, as the Antillean hub from a highly renowned Dutch Group, to serve the Latin Americas markets from a more flexible time zone.

In the beginning of 2008 it underwent through a complete re-branding in order to modernize its image and then Axtor became the new Group’s name, with new logo and image.

Axtor’s management has extensive knowledge and expertise in the Latin and fiduciary markets, which jointly with the high integrity of its professionals confers to Axtor an unparalleled position.

In such niche, Axtor has opted to create and maintain a complete new philosophy within, where top quality services, direct, personal and long term relationships are Axtor’s core values.

Due to its shareholding structure, Axtor guarantees to its clientele a strong central, integrated and balanced administration.


Maria Flávia Junqueira da Cunha




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