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Curacao Drydock Company

Curacao Drydock Company

Curacao Drydock Company, Inc.
Dokweg 1, Koningsplein - P.O. Box 3012, Curacao
Phone: +599-9-733 0000
Fax: +599-9-736 5580 / 737 9950

The core of Curacao Drydock Company Inc. ship repair services, supported by an effective quality management system proven by certification ISO 9001-2000 issued by Lloyds, consists of both main activities being; Yard (Ship Repair, Engineering and Conversion) and PRS (Port Repair and On-Voyage Services). These activities are provided to our world wide clientele for over 45 years, resulting in a vast experience for a wide variety of vessels; Tankers (oil, product, chemical and gas), Bulk Carriers, Containerships, Ferries, Tugs, Cable Layers, AHTS and Pipe Laying Barges. Additionally we are proud to mention that we are entrusted to take care of specialized vessels like Cruise Ships, Navy and Offshore Support Vessels and very soon also LNG Carriers

Our ship repair services are performed in a most safe and stable environment, holding ISPS accreditation (International Ship and Port Facility Security) as from the end of June 2004. The shipyard is safely located in the Southern Caribbean well outside the hurricane belt, Curacao offers year around favourable sunny weather conditions whilst as part of the Netherlands Antilles that again is a part of the Dutch Kingdom, a juridical and politically stable climate is ensured as well.

For details of our services offered (hull treatment, steel, mechanical, pipe, boiler, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and automation) as well as our facilities (3 docks up to 150.000 DWT, 2000 meter alongside repairs quays and sheltered deep water bays), we kindly ask you to visit our website, at www.cdmnv.com where additional information about our Shipyard is being extensively described.

All together, Curacao Drydock Company Inc. (CDM) is the place for you to go when it comes to ship repair services and it is our privilege to serve you.



Getmar Caldera

Facility Manager



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