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Curacao Ports Authorities

Curaçao Ports Authority

Werf de Wilde z/n
P.O.Box 689, Curaçao
Phone: +599-9-4345999
Fax: +599-9-4613907
m.ras@curports.com or management@curports.com


Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) has been assigned the responsibility to manage the ports of Curaçao since 1981. The ports of Curaçao, all natural sheltered ports, offer safe and reliable handling of ships and cargo. The ports that are available for commercial purposes are: Willemstad, Caracas Bay, Bullen Bay, St. Michiel’s Bay, Fuik Bay and Spanish Water.

The Port of Willemstad is the largest of all ports in Curaçao and houses most of the shipping facilities available on this Southern Caribbean Island.
Caracas Bay is a beautiful natural deep-water bay that includes 2 sheltered deep-sea piers, which can accommodate ships of every type and size. This port is very suitable for the execution of maintenance, repair and underwater operations.
Bullen Bay is an open spacious bay on the southwest side of Curaçao, where the biggest vessel can enter safely. This deep water bay is ideal for all kinds of commercial and maritime activities.
St. Michiels Bay has a deep-water mooring buoy facility, especially suitable for large vessels.

CPA provides costumers expertise, highest quality and most reliable and professional service to all in-harbor coastal and ocean towage, salvage and emergency response job, barge and pontoon transportation and other jobs. As of July 1, 2004 the ports of Curaçao and its port related facilities are in compliance with the International Ships & Port Facility Security (ISPS) code of the International Maritime Organization.



Milaika Capella Ras

Real Estate Coordinator



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