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Curacao Chamber of Commerce

Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kaya Junior Salas 1
P.O. Box 10

(599-9) 461-1451 (Management)
(599-9) 461-1455 (Commercial Register)
(599-9) 461-3918 (Investment and Trade Promotion and Business Services)

(599-9) 461-5652

management@curacao-chamber.an (Management)
registry@curacao-chamber.an (Registry)
businessinfo@curacao-chamber.an (Investment and Trade Promotion and Business Services)

www.curacao-chamber.an and www.empresachiki.com

Established in 1884

The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the voice of private enterprises in Curaçao. It represents the general interests of the Curaçao business community, keeps a complete registry of Curaçao businesses and other legal bodies and provides information services to local and international companies with an interest in doing business in, trading and exporting through or from Curaçao.

The Chamber offers the following products/ services:


Chamber's Investment and Trade Promotion and Business Services Department provides orientation, initial mediation, and assistance for small business, investors and other entrepreneurs interested in doing business in or trading and exporting from or through Curaçao. It also provides orientation about trade with the United States, the European Community and other major markets.

The Department organizes and coordinates trainings and workshops for capacity building of local entrepreneurs, organizes and hosts outbound and inbound trade missions and issues various publications e.g. the monthly newsletter "Empresa Chiki" and the quarterly magazine "Chamber Business Magazine".

The Business Information Desk is open every day to service local and foreign entrepreneurs with information on starting a business in Curaçao, licenses, marketing and legal issues.

Execution of economic legislation

The Commercial Register keeps records of and provides information on registered companies and other legal entities and their activities. The Commercial Register also issues extracts of company registrations, certificates of origin for re-export, and legalization of authorized signatures and other business related documents. Furthermore, it can also supply addresses of local business by category, on lists or on labels.

Execution of economic legislation

The chamber gives solicited and unsolicited advice to governments concerning matters that affect the economy in general and the business community in particular. For additional information, please contact us.

John Jacobs
Executive Director

Steven Damiana
Manager Investment
& Trade Promotions

Sita Finessi-Kimatrai
Board Member


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